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302                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

cane-fields and cocoa-tree avenues, to the west end
of Frederickstadt, where ships of war lie in safety,
and embarked in our frigate. We sailed in sight
of many islands, and in six hours came to St.
Thomas, a mountainous one. Its woods have
been much destroyed; the harbour is fine, and
being enclosed by lofty heights, all green or built
upon, is extremely picturesque. This morning
our troops here went on board, and the Danes
took possession.

We are going to St. John's, partly on horse-
back, partly in a boat, and return at night. The
business of restoring the island was performed
pleasantly here, and we return to-morrow to St.
Croix to enter upon money transactions. The
inhabitants complain of cold. We have a round
of fStes, and, among others, a French opera

I am not much delighted with the fruits here,
and people have got so much into European
manners and habits, that I have not yet had a
single West Indian dish, or pepper-pot, &c., except
" floating island."

This is a fine port, but on account of the
number of bays, lagoons and high, impending
mountains, a very unhealthy place in summer.